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  • In 1992, Mr. Pramod Baranwal founded his company Carpet International
  • He led the company with great expertise and secured a huge list of clientele overseas including IKEA.
  • Carpet International had an annual turnover of up to 20 million US dollars.
  • The company was awarded Environmental & Working Condition Compliance Award in the year 2002-03 and 2006-07.
  • The company is now successfully led by his two sons Mr. Prashant Baranwal and Mr. Pranav Baranwal who are also the co-partners.
  • Carpet International has come a long way as it makes way to become a full-fledged Floor Covering rugs & carpets manufacturer and exporter around the globe all in-house production with over 1500 employees.

Dyeing Area

With generational experience in yarn dyeing since 1925, formerly known as ‘Champa Dyeing’, our in-house dyeing unit is well-equipped with modern technology making it a state-of-the-art establishment.


Hand loom Area

 This process involves a warp and weft method of weaving rugs which is historical in nature and a rich traditional craft. Handloom rugs are made on a loom with a shuttle. Once the row is complete, the rod is hammered tightly against the row below. The weaver then cuts the yarns along the rod creating the pile.


Hand Tufting Area

Hand tufted rugs are made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame by using a hand operated tufting gun.Once the pile is created, the rug is removed from the frame & the carpet is secured with a heavy duty lining at the back.

Inspection Area

 Quality inspection of each piece is carried out by our team of expert employees and artisans. Our aim is to obtain unison in each production piece in terms of colour, size, shape and design.


Finishing Area

Finishing involves shedding, clipping, binding and other final touches. Each rug is carefully finished with mindfulness by our skilled artisans.

Packaging Area

The packaging is done according to quality standards and our objectives are moisture-proof packaging with proper labeling, safety, and easy handling.

Office Area

Our skilled team of managers and employees help the company function strategically with well planned systems and greater output.  

Loading & Stuffing Area

Each piece is then carefully placed into containers, thereafter, leading to shipment with ease and reliability.

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Managing Director
  • prashant@carpetinternational.com
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  •  pramod@carpetinternational.com
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Business Development Director
  • pranavbaranwal@carpetinternational.com
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